Editor’s Picks of the Week – Rolex, Piaget and Junghans

Balazs Ferenczi
Feb 07, 2018
Editor's Picks


The authors of the Chrono24 Magazine hand-pick the best watch offers on Chrono24 – from affordable daily drivers to famous watch icons and exceptional collector’s pieces.

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This week’s offers:


Daily Drivers: Great Watches for Under 5,000 Euros

Rolex Datejust 


This watch is an understated icon and one of the most common Rolex watches you see in the wild. The Datejust has been in Rolex’s catalog for a long time. There have been so many different variants that it’s pretty much impossible for someone not to find a model they like. While the modern versions are larger in size to meet the needs of the market, the reference 16014 model with its 36-mm case and potential jubilee bracelet is a real bargain.

Depending on its condition and accessories, you can pick one up for well under €4,000. The Datejust works well with jeans and t-shirts; however, it is also a great choice if you would like to dress smart or even wear a 3-piece suit. Clean and simple, this is a great Rolex that has already stood the test of time. As we often say: it’s a lot of watch for the money.


Enthusiast’s Corner: Rare or Exceptional Timepieces

Piaget Altiplano


On the wrist it looks like any other dress watch: elegant and slim lines, a silver dial, a rose gold case, and 43 mm in diameter. Then you take it off the wrist and appreciate its thickness or, better yet, its thinness. It’s only 5.25 mm! Yes, the Piaget Altiplano is not only a beautiful timepiece but also one of the thinnest automatic mechanical watches on the market.

The Altiplano line of Piaget has been known for super thin dress watches for a number of years. As time goes on, Altiplanos become thinner and thinner, just like we saw this year at SIHH. This is not only a great concept but also a very cool watch. It’s sure to garner a lot of talk, and not just from watch enthusiasts.


Iconic Timepieces: Great Value for Your Money

Junghans Max Bill


The name that put Junghans in the history books is undoubtedly Max Bill. The collaboration between the German brand and the Swiss architect/industrial designer led to the creation of the iconic watches that formed – and in some way, still form – the basis for many Bauhaus-inspired time pieces. Many brands have tried to copy the Max Bill throughout the years – some even with mediocre success.

The white dial, thin black indices, and simplicity still work almost 70 years later, proving the genius of Bauhaus and Bill. Junghans offers a wide variety of watches in their Max Bill model line from simple, time-only watches to chronographs. The masterpiece, however, will always be the time-only 38-mm mechanical version with a white dial. It’s an iconic time piece that is, as the saying goes, often imitated, never duplicated.


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Balazs Ferenczi
By Balazs Ferenczi
Feb 07, 2018
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