Lídr bezpečného nákupu a prodeje luxusních hodinek od r. 2003
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ChronoScope Collector Watches

Who we are and what we do

Definition of chronoscope:

"An instrument for the precise measurement of small time intervals (as by means of a falling rod, released pendulum, or an electronic device)"

ChronoScope is first and foremost a passion project, born out of collecting watches. In my professional life, I am a manager and consultant for international businesses.

“ I only offer watches  which I have an interest in and which I am proud to wear myself.”  

Stefan Traber, owner ChronoScope

What we do

We sell, trade and buy collector watches, both vintage and contemporary. For expensive timepieces, we can offer to sell it on your behalf on a commission basis. 

We dont operate a physical shop and the watches are not kept in the office. Upon prior arragenment, we will be glad to arrange face to face or virtual/online  viewing. 

We work along the following principles:

Honest and transparent description of the watches Fair offers Friendly and personal contact with customers

If you have questions, feel free to ask. We will be glad to answer. 


ChronoScope Collector Watches

Friedentalstrasse 43, 6004 Luzern, Schweiz

Email: chrono.scope.ch@gmail.com

Phone & WhatsApp: +41 78 206 69 42
website: www.chrono-scope.ch


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ChronoScope Collector Watches

6004 Luzern, Schweiz

Mobil: +41782066942

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